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Gwalior - The Royal Tourist Place

Gwalior in Madhya Predesh state is a heritage location. The history of this city has been moulded by imperial reigns by Rajput clans of the Pratiharas, Kachchwahas and Tomars. You will be transported to the royal world of royals, kings and palanquins while exploring the palaces, forts and temples. Tourism in Madya Pradesh receives a cultural dimension with the tour to Gwalior. Gwalior also grabs prominence among the tourists for its art and handicraft products. This city imbibes its name and saint Gwalipa. The saint had cured Suraj Sen, the head of a clan of leprosy, who in turn established Gwalior.

Gwalior Fort : The history of the Gwalior Fort dates back to over 1000 years when the sage Gwalipa came to know of the disease of the king Suraj Sen. He was infected by the terrible disease of Leprosy, which was considered as a deadly disease and there was no medicine that would cure the disease. Only sinners were supposed to get contaminated with this disease. So, the King was very upset with his condition and the sage came to his kingdom. He gave some magic water to the king, who drank it and felt relieved. He was miraculously cured of his fatal sickness. The king was so impressed with the hermit that he changed the name of his country according to the Sage's name. It was hermit Gwalipa, so the country was named as Gwalior. The hermit renamed the king as Suraj Pal, and also prophesized that if his descendants retained the sir name Pal given by the hermit they would prosper and never loose the kingdom. So the descendants of the king ruled the country for a long time and afterwards when one of his descendants suddenly changed the sir name, he lost his hereditary power. In the year 1938, The Tomar Dynasty was in power and suddenly Sikander Lodi attacked the kingdom. The for had to be surrendered and so, Gwalior Fort went into the hands of the Mughals. The for changed from hand to hand and it was here that Tantia Tope was overpowered and Rani of Jhansi executed in confrontation with the British. The Gwalior For is located in Gopachal, and is above 100 meters from the original town of Gwalior. The fort is encircled by wall that is nearly 10 meters high, and in few places the edge is so stiff that it is impossible to walk or climb over it. The Mughal Emperor Babur described this fort as the "Pearl among the Fortresses in India". Since there are numerous water reserved in this plateau, the fort has an adequate drainage system. You can reach Gwalior Fort from Delhi by a direct flight, because there is an airport at Gwalior. There are alos regular and numerous bus services for tourist. Buses fly from Shivpuri, Agra, Jhansi, Bhopal, Jabalpur and Indore. Since Gwalior is on the main line once can come to station of Gwalior from Delhi by Shatabdi Express. From other places also this place can be accessed by train.
Man Singh Palace : Man Singh Palace, Gwalior is one of the classic works of art in the Gwalior Fort. It was built in the 15th century by Raja Man Singh. It has got a histori9cal significance because it was the place where Aurangzeb imprisoned and killed his brother Murad. It also has the infamous Jauhar Kund where the women of the harem burnt themselves to death after the King of Gwalior was killed in 1232. Man Singh Palace in Gwalior in India share its glory with places like the Teli-ka-Mandir, which has brilliant exteriors; Saas-Bahu Temples, the Karan Palace. The Jahangir Mahal, The Shah Jahan Mahal and the Gurjri Mahal. Man Singh Palace, Gwalior has withstood the taste of time as one of the marvels and enthralls tourists. Man Singh Palace Gwalior is regarded as one of the best tourist attractions because of its aura. It is a delightful whimsical building and is also known as the Painted Palace or the Chit Mandir. The Palace has got this name because of the painted and tiled decoration of elephants, peacocks and ducks. Painted Blue with hints of green and gold they look really captivating. There is a small museum next to the Man Singh Palace, Madhya Pradesh which has a good collection of sculptures and carvings from across the fort.
Saas Bahu Temple : The history of the Saas Bahu Temple in Gwalior is very interesting. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu by the King Mahipala. Lord Vishnu is also known as Sahastrabahu, the one with many hands. But gradually the name changed into Saas Bahu Temple, perhaps by mispronunciation, or misinterpretation. Lord Vishnu is supposed to be the preserver of this universe. He keeps vigilance over this earth and if there is any disobedience among men, he punishes them. But he is also considered to be the most kind hearted among the Hindu Gods, who come to help his followers under any circumstances. King Manipala wished for the success of his kingdom and the overall prosperity. This being ranted by the Lord, an temple was constructed to commemorate Lord Vishnu. So, the name Sahastrabahu was given to this temple which later in course of time changed into Saas Bahu Temple. The construction of this temple was completed in the year 1092 AD by the king Mahipala. At the Gate of the Saas Bahu Temple in Gwalior there is a caption of Sanskrit. The doorway gives the view of the Indian Trinity, Lord Brahma, the creator, Lord Vishnu the Preserver and Lord Shiva or the Destroyer. The temple has rare Quality of architectural skill displayed in it, it has all the qualities of fabulous worship. There are two temples, which are conjointly known as the Saas Bahu Temple. One of the temples is bigger than the other, and perhaps for that reason, one is considered as the Mother-in Law whiles the other as the Daughter-in-Law. Graceful figures are in scripted on the wall of the temple and there are pillars that are also display architectural skills. You can reach here from the Gwalior Station or Gwalior Airport. From all these places you can avail a bus or taxi that are frequest and numerous.


India is one of the best amazing destinations for vacations that offer different blends that praise each one of us flavor. The history of India goes back no less than 5,000 year, making it one of the most cultured and fascinating tourist destinations throughout the world.




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The city of Gwalior, one of the favorite tourist destinations in India is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh at a distance of 122 km to the south of Agra. If you are willing to know about Gwalior, you will find that the city, with a strong historical backdrop, is deeply associated with the various highs and lows of India’s past. India Travel Packages.

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